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MAFF Holds 2011 National Farmer Forum
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 21-22 February 2011

The Cambodia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) held the 2nd National Farmer Forum on 21-22 February 2011. This annual event recognizes farmers who are employing the best practices in agriculture production and brings together farmers and agriculture officials to share experiences on agriculture. This year, winners were selected in six categories: livestock, integrated farming system, agricultural machinery, agro-industry (food processing), fish raising and system of rice intensification (SRI).

For the SRI category, the winners were selected based on their: (1) understanding and experiences on SRI methodologies; and (2) skills in the application/practice of SRI. The criteria for selection of outstanding farmers were sent to Provincial Departments of Agriculture. A total of 36 names of farmers were submitted to GOC's General Directorate of Agriculture in Phnom Penh from the provinces all over the country. The Selection Committee from the Department of Rice Crop (DRC) selected ten farmers from the initial list of candidates. These ten farmers were visited by the Selection Committee and five candidates were selected based on results of interviews and evaluation of their application of SRI practices in their own fields.

In the final selection on 21-22 February, the five farmers gave presentations at the National Farmer Forum on their SRI and other agricultural practices. They were evaluated based on: technical knowledge on SRI (50%); presentation and explanation skills during the competition (20%); and skills on implementing SRI based on on-site observations of and interviews by the Selection Committee (30%). Together with the winners from the five other categories, the winner in the SRI category, Mr. Houl Khlim from Battambang province, received the award from Prime Minister Samdach Hun Sen during the Annual Agriculture Assembly on 06 April 2011. Mr. Houl Khlem and two other farmers, Mr. Soun Pal and Mr. Cheay Phorn, who won 3rd and 5th place, respectively, in the SRI category are IPM-FFS alumni.


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